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Dviratininko pirštinės WOOM (Žieminės)
Dviratininko pirštinės WOOM (Žieminės) Dviratininko pirštinės WOOM (Žieminės)

Dviratininko pirštinės WOOM (Žieminės)

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There’s no such thing as bad weather! All you need for a jaunt in the snow is the proper clothing. Our woom all-round winter gloves are made from breathable material which will protect you against the wind, the rain, and the cold. What’s more, thanks to the cool reflecting prints you’ll definitely remain visible, also in poor lighting conditions. So now, there’s nothing standing between you and the exiting outdoor adventure any more, even when the temperatures drop!

  • Easy to put on because of an elastic wristband and a little fabric strap
  • Good visibility in bad weather conditions due to top-quality reflecting print
  • Touchscreen-enabled fingertips will allow you to use your smartphone without having to get cold

Perfect fit:

  • anti-slip silicon print

Būsena: Prekyboje

19,90 €

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19,90 €


Gamintojas: WOOM

Dydžiai: S (5); M (6); L (7)

Spalva: Juoda

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